Bluetooth Products


Stop Noise offers now also Bluetooth connectivity between accessories and TETRA terminals.

Special Products

We offer tactical headsets with throat microphones for fire fighters, the army's and police's special forces and riot control squads.

Chargers and Batteries

Desktop chargers are available for single and multiple TETRA terminals. All of them come with slots for charging spare batteries too.


Stop Noise has developed handsets for portable and mobile TETRA terminals ranging from basic speaker microphones to more advanced models.

Ear Defender Headsets

These headsets are the best choice for high noise environments.

Terminal Holders

Stop Noise holders for TETRA terminals provide convenient carrying and easy docking for your terminal leaving functions accessible and offering single hand release systems. Naturally the holders are also compatible with other Stop Noise accessories.

Light Headsets

Our lightweight headsets come in a variety of models with many different earphones and PTTs.

Helmet Headsets

Our helmet headsets are popular among the motorcycle police as well as authorities using scooters snowmobiles or ATVs.


Our accessories can be connected to most TETRA terminals. Cassidian THR9 and THR880 series, Sepura STP8000 series and Motorola MTP850 series just to name a few of the popular ones.

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