New Multi Handset

Multi Handset

Stop Noise Finland Ltd has released new highly advanced features for the unique 3 in 1 Multi Handset for TETRA terminals. These features include printing, RFID reading and biometric identification methods such as fingerprint reading.

The Multi Handset 3 in 1 from Stop Noise is a handset for radio terminals of digital TETRA network which is used by authorities and other professionals worldwide. This handset has data and imaging features integrated to a traditional user's favorite audio accessory: speaker microphone. After the initial release Stop Noise has published new features for the Multi Handset which will further emphasize this device's versatility.


The Multi Handset will be available in many different versions. All of them include the normal audio functionality and good ergonomics of a speaker microphone and in addition a bunch of other features: a keypad for controlling the radio terminal, an accelerometer for Man Down alert and a MicroSD slot for internal memory. In addition the customer can choose the most suitable data collection technology from e.g. camera barcode reader, RFID reader and fingerprint scanner. The beauty of the device is in the possibility to send the acquired data over TETRA network to a database from where an instant feedback can be sent to desired location, for example the user's terminal.

Tetra terminal - Tetra network - Tetra database connectivity

Finnish innovation Multi Handset 3 In 1 offers an unlimited amount of new possibilities for TETRA users. Click the image to enlarge it.

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