Hybrid X can be connected with almost any Android LTE smartphone as a tactical extension.

At the critical communications world 2018 Stop Noise will publish Hybrid X tactical modular extension that has been designed to work with any smartphone regardless of make and model. Rugged keypad design allows Hybrid X to be used even with gloves in hand.

Messe Berlin, Germany, May 15th-17th 2018: At Critical Communications World 2018 in Messe Berlin, May 15th to 17th, Stop Noise will present Hybrid X, the new bold and innovative patented concept from Stop Noise Finland Ltd, a PMR accessory specialist. Hybrid X modular extension combines a PMR remote speaker mic with any LTE smartphone to provide new data intensive services for all PMR user groups from public safety and security through healthcare professionals and industries. The concept has been developed according to customer needs and feedback. Hybrid X fulfils the requirements of different user groups and enables important additional features such as group gateway between PMR and LTE users, charging on-the-go, body worn camera and dashboard camera with the help of the smart holder and vehicle holder. Hybrid X also enhances the usability of any Android LTE phone in any user group in any setting with improved usability through a button user interface that can be operated with gloves on, a more robust structure, better sound volume and mic sensitivity. Hybrid contains a digital signal processor (DSP), that compensates background noise of both received and transmitted audio.

Hybrid X allows for prolonged lifespan of TETRA while LTE infrastructure is being built and standards for secure public safety networks can be implemented. While Hybrid X helps to keep TETRA in use, it also lowers the barrier for LTE adoption, as the investment into new technology can be incremental.

Hybrid X contains (optional) intelligent radioactivity detector which enables an intelligent warning system to be used.

For more information contact Product Manager Timo Vakkuri: +358400845775 Official brochure can be downloaded from

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