Stop Noise releases their new innovative Hybrid X device to help authorities and other professionals with the parallel use of Professional Mobile Radio and LTE.

TETRA accessory specialist Stop Noise Finland Ltd is again boldly combining technologies to help professional radio users perform better. The first Hybrid X – released in CCW 2016 Amsterdam – combines a TETRA remote speaker mic with a rugged LTE smartphone to provide an incomparable user experience.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 31th 2016: The Hybrid X (patent pending) from Stop Noise brings PMR terminal’s audio communication to the backside of a rugged smartphone. This combination will offer mission critical group communication through the secure PMR network (e.g. TETRA) and the high-speed data and enormous application selection of an LTE smartphone. This solution offers also body worn camera functionality without having to carry a separate device for that purpose.

All this is offered by a combination that adds only as much gear to the end user as a TETRA radio with a normal remote speaker microphone would. A proprietary smart holder has been designed for keeping the combination conveniently at hand.

The masterminds in Stop Noise R&D have seen the megatrend of authorities wanting to utilize high-speed data and to use body-worn cameras in addition to their normal requirement for secure group communication. Inspired by these facts the R&D of Stop Noise has created the unique concept of Hybrid X. In CCW2016 Amsterdam at Stop Noise’s stand D43e the first Hybrid X will be presented together with a TETRA terminal and a rugged LTE smartphone. But it is important to note that the Hybrid X concept can combine practically any radio terminal with any smartphone – with a cable or wirelessly. The connection between the two systems can be only mechanical or it can include also data connectivity.

“This is the only device on the market that allows a professional radio user organization to keep using their existing radios for mission critical communication and to get all the advantages of an LTE smartphone in a single handheld device.” explains Mr. Markku Nieminen, Managing director of Stop Noise.

For more information contact Product Manager Mikko Salonen: +358400845775